After taking off most of December, I ended up taking off most of January, too. I think three modules was a bit more stress than I was prepared for, and having that stress off my back just felt way too good. I just couldn’t force myself back to my study desk.

So I didn’t do anything this month until I had the first NetAcad exam for TM257 last week. Not being in study mode, I couldn’t really force myself to revise before hand, and had to take the exam without preparation. Luckily I came out of it with a 94%, but it could easily have been much, much worse.

Similarly, I have TMA02 due for TT284 due on Thurday, and I hadn’t even really looked at the TMA before the weekend. I did all the practical work on Sunday, half of the report on Monday, and the final half today. I’m confident about the practical portion, which accounts for 50% of my mark. The report part hits all the required points, but how I do really depends on whether my tutor and I agree on certain interpretations. I’m fairly confident on this part, and should come away with 90% or better, I think.

But I’m really behind in M269 now, and that’ll be a difficult one to catch up on. Even TM257 will require a bit of overtime. So it seems like a really bad idea to take two months off of uni in the middle of the year … Except it felt really good. We’ll have to see how much it ultimately costs me.