About Me

My name is Mark, and I’m studying course Q62 toward a BSc (Honours) Computing & IT degree at Open University.

I grew up in Utah and moved to Southern California with my English wife.  We had our first son there, then moved to the south of England and had our second son.

I’m a high school drop-out, and have a career as a senior ICT technician and network engineer.

This blog was inspired by www.abscforme.co.uk and is for the same purpose: To document my journey to the same degree from the same institution.

Modules taken

Module Start Credits Result
TM352 – Web, mobile and cloud technologies October 2020 30 Currently enrolled
TM357 – Cisco networking (CCNA) part 2 October 2020 30 Currently enrolled
M269 – Alorithms, data structures and computability October 2019 30 Distinction
TM257 – Cisco networking (CCNA) part 1 October 2019 30 Distinction
TT284 – Web technologies October 2019 30 Distinction
M250 – Object-oriented Java programming October 2018 30 Distinction
MST124 – Essential mathematics 1 October 2017 30 Distinction
TM129 – Technologies in practice October 2017 30 Distinction
TU100 – My digital life October 2016 60 Distinction