M269 Complete? Really?

I got news over the weekend about the OU’s decision regarding what to do about module results for modules with cancelled exams. Results will be based solely on the OCAS (or coursework assignments) portion of the module’s assessments, and not the OES (or exams and end-of-module assignments) portion. Since I’m done with all of my TMAs for the module (all of my modules, really), that means I’m done with the M269 module, apparently, as that was my only module with an exam this year.

I had my last TMA marked and returned last week, too. It came back at 93%, and I think it was marked quite fairly. I disagree with the interpretation of refactoring code versus changing the inputs required for a hypothetical modification to a function in a question, but it’s not a big enough deal to challenge on. (My opinion is, if you’re asked to change something, you only refactor the code unless it’s made explicit that different inputs and/or outputs are required. It should be able to behave in the exact same manner under normal operation unless it’s specifically stated that it’s okay for it to behave differently. I thought that expressing this in my answer would be enough, but it wasn’t.) And I definitely got away with some minor definition inconsistencies.

As the TMAs all have equal weights applied to them, my OCAS, hence my M269 result, is 95.5, so a distinction.

I woke up yesterday nearly ready to end my whole degree. I just couldn’t see any path forward to study five chapters of my networking module (TM257), a block of my web design module (TT284), get an online final exam done for TM257, a plan for my EMA done for TT284, all in two weeks, and then finish up an EMA for each TM256 and TT284, and revise for an exam for M269. You’ll note that only the very last item is removed from this list, now, but it’s enough. It will give me the breathing room I need to get the whole thing over the line.

I still haven’t enrolled for next year, though. I don’t know if I can take it, yet. I’ll have to see where I am after results for my other two modules come through.


    1. Congratulations, I saw last night … Early this morning? … that you had finished TM257. I’m still five weeks behind in that module, but I’m planning to be ahead of the curve by the end of Easter break. Having one less module to worry about has made all the difference in clearing out the backlog of study work.

      I’d seen the discussion of the Cyber Security degree, too, and briefly toyed with the idea of transferring. But it would mean retaking half my stage 2 modules, and even though I’m not doing the degree for career purposes, alongside experience the named degree wouldn’t really be seen much differently to Computing & IT. I have been considering pursuing the Masters degree, though. (I’m also not fond of being in any more inaugural module presentations for the OU.)

      I think they’ve been trialling a lot of the intended course material on FutureLearn. If you don’t already, subscribe to a healthy number of cyber security podcasts and blogs, as I suspect they will be involved in a surprising amount of your TMA work.

  1. I know I’m probably stating the obvious, but if you ever feel like quitting again, change to 1 module at a time temporarily. I gave up OU study previously and now I’m enjoying it a lot more being able to concentrate on 1 module at a time!

    Hopefully, you’ll be able to do the “Cisco networking (CCNA) part 2” residential school to make for TM257…

    Hope you and the family stay safe and well.

    1. Cheers, Simon. Those are incredibly kind words. And it’s advice that I think I’ll take if things go south again. Certainly, I’m never again contemplating 3 simultaneous modules.

      Not doing the day school isn’t bad for me, just less interesting for the blog. Then I remembered how uninteresting it is, in general, and felt much better!

      Wishing you and your family safety and good health, too.

  2. Hello, found your blog before I began my studies a couple of years ago and have been following with interest and appreciate your efforts.
    I completed the first year in a year and then changed careers and couldn’t commit to start any last year as part of my new job included a degree programme which has been pretty intense the first year with lots of exams!
    I’m not looking at enrolling for just one module in September as my workplace degree will be workbook based by then and im pretty confident I can continue with the OU although my new job is alto heavier than my last so there is no way I could do 2 or more modules a year.
    I’m quite set on changing to the Cyber Degree which Simon mentioned above as the first year modules are all the same.

    I just wanted your advise on which module to choose next for year 2. Out of TT284, TM257, TM255. I’m trying to figure out which one would be the least taxing to do do get me back into things. Any input you could provide on these would be gratefully received.

    1. If you’re looking at which module to do that isn’t taxing, it’s really down to what you’re familiar with. TT284 is a breeze if you’re a developer, but I’ve seen people who have no web development experience struggle.

      I haven’t take all three modules, just TT284 and TM257. There is a YouTuber (or is it Vlogger?) named Tom Wagstaff, however, who’s taken all three, and given module run-downs of all three. Those might help you make up your mind. His reviews seem very fair and I appreciate his tips.

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