So much fail

I haven’t been able to increase my motivation since last month. I’m keeping on top of assignments, but just barely. For March and early April, I’ve got TMAs due in TT284 and M269, and my day school with a final exam for TM257. I don’t know how I’m going to get it all done in time.

I got marks of 100 and 98 for my TMAs in TT284 and TM257 in February, but that required tackling all my subject material covered from the beginning of the year in one week for each of those. I’m roughly where I should be still with those to modules, but I’m way, way behind in M269.

To top it off, the database on this server failed two days ago, and I didn’t catch it until this evening. I’ve been having more frequent problems with it, so I may be migrating this blog over to my main server. It’s a lot more powerful, but has several other sites running on it.

I haven’t failed anything yet, but switching between three modules is really kicking me. I think I’m going to take a year off next year, after all, and see if I can catch my breath.


  1. Sorry to hear you are feeling the squeeze, I am only doing 2 modules a year whilst working and that is my limit. TM255 is a chewy module (not really loving it to be honest), TM257 not so bad for me, but still a lot of ground to cover. Not had results for TMA02 for TM255 or TM257 – bummer.

    1. Well, considering that you could be a tutor yourself on TM257 (not even joking), I think we can assume you’ve gotten full marks on that one. And I don’t expect you’ll be that far behind in TM255.

      I’m feeling a little bit better after a full evening and morning in my studying nook. I’ll be done with TT284 TMA03 about a week ahead of time, and then I’ll see how bad M269 TMA02 is.

      Honestly, there are probably plenty of online resources to get me through Switching & Routing Essentials, but I’d wanted to revise the hard way for better retention.

      Anyway, not that you’ll seem to need it, but good luck!

      1. Just got both results. TM257 TMA02 -100% and TM255 TMA02 – 99%. Happy days 🙂

        Head down for the next round.

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