Thank goodness I submitted really early

TMA03 is due soon for M250, and I’ve got a line fault in my DSL connection. It’ll take at least a week to fix. One of the hazards of online study is that you’re at the mercy of the technology. I’ve arranged my study plans to allow for outages, but that just deals with my initial study of the material. It’s not robust enough for either preparing assignments for a module that requires coding in an IDE, or revising for them across all the various media on which I have notes and materials.

I got the TMA in over a month ago, but this is really making revision awkward. Not impossible, but I find I’m wasting a lot of paper on printouts.


  1. Hi Mark,

    Any tips for M250, I’m so far behind, and looking any help/tips you can provide.


    1. Hi Cal,

      Here are a few tips off the top of my head. When I had to catch up, I just put my head down and did it. They say that for general learning, little and often is better than marathon sessions, but when it’s coding, I find that I absorb the concepts better when my concentration isn’t broken. Do what works for you.

      • First, don’t panic. It’s one module, and you don’t need an overwhelming mark to pass it.
      • If you haven’t, yet, talk to your tutor about question 3. If you can’t come up with an idea, they can help you.
      • Watch tutorials if there are any recorded in your area.
      • Don’t let the quicksand get over your head. Ask your tutor for a lifeline, both in terms of an extension (difficult for the last TMA, but possible with a good reason) and in terms of catching up on the material.
      • Ask questions in the revision forums when they open.

      Good luck. You’ve still got plenty of time if you clearly set the time aside.

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