Well that’s not encouraging …

I wonder how often this occurs. There are a lot of people trying to sort out their EMA (End of Module Assessments) right now. If it always crashes when EMAs are due, it’s going to be a very stressful time of year. For the next. six. years.

As an aside … Who are the two guys who liked this?



  1. Hi There! Just found your blog randomly! i am starting the same course in October! interested to see that there is some preperation involved!

  2. Hi Ross! (GG88, right?) Sorry that I didn’t notice your comment earlier. I’ve been super busy with doing MOOCs, and hadn’t been to check here until today, when I was going to post another review.

    There really isn’t any preparation involved, especially for the entry point of TU100. By all accounts, it’s a fairly simple module, and while the TMAs are time consuming, I haven’t heard anybody complain that they didn’t feel well enough prepared prior to taking the module.

    I’ve just been out of formal education for (literally) decades, so I wanted to make sure my independent study skills were up to par. I recently spent time playing with Scratch as it’s similar to the Sense programming environment which we’ll be using, but I think I spoiled myself. Current versions of Scratch now support built-in recursion, while you have to build your own semi-recursion stack structure in Sense for every single programme. Anyway, I’ll post about that separately. I just mean to say, there’s always more preparation, and it’s of varying levels of usefulness.

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