Finishing up TU100: The good, the bad, and the hideous

By the calendar’s reckoning, I still have five weeks of TU100 left.  By my sanity’s reckoning, I checked out about three weeks ago.  I’m going to split the difference and have everything wrapped up in about a week.

My poor sanity.  It just didn’t have what it takes.  It saw Block 5 Part 5 and Block 6, and it locked itself into a cage and started gibbering like a monkey and flinging … Well, it wasn’t happy.  TU100 gets progressively more condescending and less relevant as it goes on.  Session 1 of Block 5 Part 5 had such insultingly bad activities that it took me two weeks to swallow the bile and deal with it.

What’s wrong with the activities?  Much the same as what was wrong with OpenLearn’s Taking Your First Steps Into Higher Education.  I fear that asking for exploration but having “right” answers is going to be a theme with the OU.  By which, of course, I mean that the emperor is a kind and benevolent emperor, and his robes are as resplendant as he is wise.  And totally exist.  (Dissenting with the wisdom of the module isn’t popular with many tutors or fellow students.)

Block 6 wasn’t infuriating, for which I now rejoice.  (Yay.)  It was, however, boring and completely irrelevant.  I couldn’t even recognise it as belonging to the same module.  Session 5 is pretty much a travel blog from a trip to Nepal.  Without pictures of monkeys.  How do you write a travel blog from a trip to Nepal and you don’t include pictures of monkeys stealing wallets?

Anyhow, that’s the bad.  The great is that I’m done with the studying!  I’ll do a more proper wrap-up on that sometime next month, I expect, but for now, I want to rest for a long, long time.  But I’m going to finish up the last odds and ends of the final EMA/TMA06 first, which should be by the end of the week.  (Tutorials and tutorial-inspired rewites notwithstanding.)

My iCMA57 (the only one which contributes to the module results) came in at a 93%, and would have been higher if I’d followed my own advice about looking through the other iCMAs before hand.  It leaves my OCAS (Overall Continuous Assessment Score) at 97%, so I certainly can’t complain.  Well, clearly I can.  But not about that.  I’m really pleased with that, having come from where I came from.  Anyway, back to TMA06.

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